Who we are

What we do

You probably wonder who we are and what we do. We are personal, powerful, and passionate to achieve your success. We understand very well that you – our contemporary client – have very diverse needs. Some of you want it all, others –just a portion. Today you want to order a piece of cake, tomorrow you demand the whole birthday celebration set up. In either case we are here to help, advise and please you. We offer an umbrella of integrated services and solutions to meet your special needs and the bonus is that we use our vast network of contacts to help you expand your business.

Take a seat, enjoy, and let us do the rest!

It takes two to tango

We also love to dance! We know it takes two to tango! From our end we are: passionate and careful, confident and thoughtful, rhythmic and detailed. Off the stage we are unconventional, flexible, patient and supportive. We rely on more than half a century combined experience gained in various corners of the world. We have a positive character, we execute our projects reliably, we present relevant ideas, and we work in a fun and professional environment.

How it all started

Of course, it is not a conventional story. It all began in 2002 when Victor and Irena saw an intriguing ad that read: whoever, in the period of the next two months, collects the highest number of Zagorka beer caps, will win a brand new BMW X5.This was a test not for their stomachs but for their brains. This was a dare not for their beer drinking skills but for their business intellect, creativity and entrepreneurial instinct. They decided to do it and they won the car, did you have a doubt? You wonder how?

They used their direct marketing, logistics, financial and PR skills to purchase 360,000 beer caps! In a fortnight they set up a network of 12 offices around the country, devised a beer caps purchasing plan, programmed a web-site, printed and distributed thousands of leaflets, gave numerous interviews to press and TV programs, organized their friends and family and ended up with a winning quantity, three times higher than the runner-up. The RO I was 270%! With the money from the sale of  the BMW X5 they decided to start their own venture. Thus they proved that those who take risks and have the drive make it all happen. Since then, the company has been growing and collecting achievements as if it was a dare.

We care

Solving problems means also helping people in need. We, the people at Creative Solutions, care for the people in need. We want to see smiles on their faces and to know we have made a difference in their lives. The desert on our special menu is called We Care. It is made with lots of love, compassion and human devotion. Our work and busy schedules do not make us forget about our values. The element that makes our premium parties so special and emotional cannot be found in the decoration, lighting or VIP atmosphere. It is in our hearts. With the support of our guests and partners, on numerous occasions, the company has provided special care for many people and charity organizations. We have made several donations for women affected by cancerous diseases. We have gone to remote parts of theworld to build houses for the poor. We try to make a difference with small and  big steps. We believe that the mere act of caring changes lives.

Team members

  • Owner

    Victor Papazov

    Passion: Fly fishing
    Favourite word: Freedom
    Best at: Finance
  • Owner

    Irena Komitova

    Passion: Art
    Favourite word: Surprise
    Best at: Public speaking
  • Managing Partner

    Martina Zaharieva

    Passion: Travel
    Favourite word: Emotion
    Best at: Being the Devil’s advocate
  • Managing Partner

    Antonia Komitova

    Passion: Dancing
    Favourite word: Yes
    Best at: The details
  • Technical Director

    Svetoslav Ivanov

    Passion: Technology
    Favourite word: Believe
    Best at: Playing with gadgets
  • Accountant

    Stella Burilkova

    Passion: Flying
    Favourite word: Joy
    Best at: Numbers
  • Senior Editor

    Ina Gerdjikova

    Passion: Driving
    Favourite word: Adventure
    Best at: Writing
  • Project Manager

    Marina Lavrenova

    Passion: Cooking
    Favourite word: Persistence
    Best at: Negotiations
  • Editor

    Alexander Karaleev

    Passion: Sports, Design
    Favourite word: Freedom
    Best at: Sports
  • Project Administrator

    Denitsa Encheva

    Passion: Performing
    Favourite word: Exitement
    Best at: Factional Writing

Join us

We believe that passion and creativity go hand in hand and are part of every great work. This is why we are constantly searching for people, who are not afraid to share their ideas and to implement them, who enjoy the details in making a concept come to life and who would be excited to be part of the success story. Feel free to send us your information and a motivation note and we would love to meet you – a.komitova@creativebg.com

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