Creative Solutions Ltd. is active in the following international networks.

WEF – Global Leaders for Tomorrow

The World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland) launched the GLT community in 1993 in response to the need for a new approach to global leadership in the post cold war era. With the aim of collective and individual growth, the community was created to encourage dialogue between people of outstanding ability with a common interest in global progress. Each year, about 100 individuals were selected from the worlds of business, politics, civil society, media, the arts and science. Considered active for two years, they become supporting members for a further three years.

GLTs represented the new generation of leaders with a commitment to addressing issues beyond their immediate professional interest. They were global decision-makers already holding positions of considerable influence and responsibility.

The mission of the GLT community was to improve the “state of the world” by taking action on issues critical to the global agenda of the future.  Victor Papazov is a GLT, 1998 and Irena Komitova is a GLT, 2000.

GLT’s reunions for 2012 incude a London meeting (July, 2012) and a Paris meeting (September, 2012).

Stanford Sloan Master’s Program

Over its 55-year history, the Stanford Sloan Master’s Program has been a life-changing 10-month learning and business experience for senior executives from a range of industries and geographies. In keeping with the Stanford Graduate School of Business spirit of innovation, the demanding curriculum is combined with USA, Europe and Asia field trips to complement the learning curve. Irena Komitova is a Sloan ’01, and as such was an honorary speaker at the 50-ieth Anniversary of the Sloan program on campus (2007), talking in front of 400 fellow-alumni on the subject of doing business in Bulgaria.

Harvard Business School, APM

The Advanced Management Program at Harvard (AMP) is a powerful and transformative learning experience that explores the best management practices and latest strategies for sustaining a strategic advantage over the long term. This program is considered to be the flagship of executive education at the Harvard Business School. Victor Papazov (AMP, 2005) is a member of the Harvard’s community, network and reunions on a regular basis. He is also a member of the Harvard Club of Bulgaria (

Georgetown University, Leadership Seminar

The Georgetown Leadership Seminar is a premier executive education program conducted and hosted by the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Washington DC.
Over the last 30 years, over 800 participants represented more than 100 countries. These innovators and leaders are members of an exclusive alumni network that includes presidents and prime ministers, royalty, parliamentarians and cabinet officials, CEOs and heads of NGOs, high ranking military officers, journalists and academics. As alumni of the program, Irena Komitova (GLS 1994) and Victor Papazov (GLS 1996) are very active within its international network and regularly attend the yearly reunions held around the world.

Family Business Network

Since 2010 Creative Solutions is an active member of the Bulgarian chapter of FBN, promoting the success and sustainability of families in business. FBN Bulgaria connects, supports and serves families in business for generations to come. We are there as we believe in FBN’s values – trust and openness, confidentiality, honesty, mutual respect, professionalism and non-solicitation. Within FBN Bulgaria, Antonia Komitova serves as Vice-president of Next Gen.

Nordic Chamber

The Bulgarian-Nordic Chamber of Commerce was established in 2009 as a non-profit association.

The purpose of the Chamber is to represent and to protect the economic interests of its members and to favor and support the commercial and economic relations between Bulgaria and Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The vision of the organization is not to keep it beneficial only to a selective group of big Nordic companies but to represent, support and protect the economic interests of any member company, no matter the size of the business.

The governing body of the Chamber is the Board of Directors, which consists of 9 people – each of them representing the interests of the Nordic business community in Bulgaria.

Currently, there are 70 member companies of the Chamber that participate in the economic life between Bulgaria and the Nordic countries.

Ladies` Forum

Ladies’ Forum was established in the end of 2009 as a nonprofit organization. The main goal of the organization is to establish a base for sharing ideas, cases, best practices, experiences and information among women, proven professionals in their career field. The shared objectives of the members of Ladies’ Forum are to promote and develop the civil society values, as well as to protect, support and represent the interests of each of the members.
As of today, the members of Ladies’ Forum are 73 women and this number is constantly growing due to the increasing interest and the importance of the organization in the society. Among the Honorary member of Ladies’ Forum are Irina Bokova, Bulgarian politician and incumbent Director-General of UNESCO, and Dilma Rouseff, President of Brazil.