Event Management

W e love to throw parties and we know how to do it right. Government or business, luxurious or casual, serious or fun, we promise to be exciting. We listen to your needs and we also help you come up with the right ideas. Then we organize it partnering with true experts and we execute it to the smallest detail.

Our goal is to deliver a memorable experience for you and your guests. And by contacting the right media, we make sure that everyone else hears about it.

CHIC & COZY International Events

T o show you what we mean, it will be a pleasure for us to invite you to one of our own events.
CHIC & COZY International Party is a series of events that occur every month or two in a different location under various themes. We aim at attracting a special group of people at intriguing locations, while transforming them in a unique way to ensure an unforgettable experience. For more information visit www.chicandcozy.com

CHIC & COZY is an intriguing place. A place, designed for you to meet like-minded people and enjoy sharing the experience. A place to be joyous and adventurous, private and cozy, chic and modern. A place that shows how every detail is significant and plays a role. An environment, which guests can fully enjoy, without being disturbed by unwelcome presence. We are happy that we had the chance to create this place for you, where only your positive energy can make it alive.