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  • Publishing

    As you can imagine, this is a long process – starting from content planning and design to the actual production and distribution. It might not sound modest but we believe we are experts in this field.

  • Event Management

    We love to throw parties and we know how to do it right. Personal or business, luxurious or casual, serious or fun, we make it exciting. We listen to your needs and we also help you come up with the right ideas.

  • PR & Direct Marketing

    Working hard to get where you want to be is one thing. A whole other game is informing the rest. And yet a third one is communicating it in the most interesting way and involving the right audience effectively.

  • Premium Networking

    We love to meet new people and to hear about their affairs. No, we are not a gossip agency but we like to exchange ideas and learn from others. We build relationships and we get the right addresses. 

  • Consulting

    We want to be your best friend and to give you the right advice when you are at a crossroad. Along the way, we will also introduce you to the right people to open the right doors for you.